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Cameron single-trip compact wellhead system

One-piece hanger with gas-tight seals machined onto its surface enables efficient single-trip installation

Image of the Cameron single-trip compact wellhead system with one-piece hanger and seals.

The Cameron single-trip compact wellhead system installs gas-tight metal-to-metal (MTM) sealing—confirmed with unique grip-sensing technology—through external activation of its one-piece hanger and seals machined onto its surface. In the event of a stuck casing scenario, the system’s innovative emergency casing hanger system enables the completion of well construction.

  • Land and offshore
  • Severe service conditions, including high-pressure environments
  • Gas wells
  • Assures faster, more efficient operation with installation confirmed by integrated proprietary wellhead installation digital position sensing technology
  • Saves rig time by eliminating a separate trip to install seal assembly and a required wash operation 
  • Provides reliability and repeatability with external activation of metal-to-metal seals
  • Assures hanger lockdown integrity through the life of the well with unique digital grip-sensing technology
  • Eliminates nonproductive time (NPT) resulting from debris accumulation
  • Lowers HSE risks as a result of fewer trips and components
  • Reduces complexity of tooling and operations
  • Enables well completion in a stuck casing scenario

Instead of requiring the usual installation of a seal assembly, the Cameron single-trip compact wellhead system has a one-piece hanger and machined-on seals that are externally activated. This approach enables faster, more efficient installation in a single trip that saves rig time and lowers HSE risks. The required trip to install a conventional separate seal assembly is eliminated, as is the need for a wash run, by this high-integrity design.

The external clamping mechanism, which replaces the typical load shoulder and internal locking mechanism, exerts force on the wellhead housing to grip the hanger and activate the MTM seals. This technique eliminates employing complicated seal assembly running tools that necessitate high-level operational expertise to ensure gas-tight MTM sealing. The resulting high-load hanger support mechanism is adjustable and full bore to provide instant high-capacity lockdown. Because the single-trip compact wellhead system has no load shoulders and lock rings—thus no lock ring grooves—there is no potential for misalignment.

The Cameron single-trip compact wellhead system integrates two proprietary digital solutions to facilitate installation. Our wellhead installation digital position sensing technology provides real-time feedback to ensure correct installation of the hanger. And our unique grip-sensing technology confirms that the external clamp mechanism is providing high-load hanger support. These digital solutions save rig time and further increase installation confidence for life-of-well leak-free performance.

The streamlined tooling and installation procedures lessen the risks to personnel and achieve successful installation while saving rig time. Any subsequent workover is easier because the compact wellhead system uses simpler nonhydraulic tools in comparison with the complex tooling and retrieval operations required by conventional wellheads with MTM seal assemblies.

What it replaces

The Cameron single-trip compact wellhead system replaces complex MTM wellhead systems that require multiple trips to install and the use of complex hydraulic tooling to set and retrieve separately installed seal assemblies.