DF-PA Diver-Friendly Plug-and-Abandonment Wellhead System | SLB


Diver-friendly plug-and-abandonment wellhead system

Industrial diving equipment on deck

The DF-PA diver-friendly plug-and-abandonment wellhead system has been designed for the reestablishment of downed platform wells. Designed with the operator in mind, the DF-PA system minimizes the amount of dive time required for installation, and it simplifies the diver’s movements by reducing the number of tools required for installation, thereby reducing cost and enhancing safety. 


  • Quick-connect top enables easy installation and removal of dryhole tree
  • Double T-seal packing design with packing ports for contingency sealing saves time and simplifies installation
  • The casing slips are retracted into the housing body and held by T-slotted slip segments and button tie-down pins
  • Lockdown pin design reduces the number of required tools
  • Universal body design enables more flexibility in the field
  • Interchangeable casing slips and secondary casing packoff assemblies enable onsite flexibility
  • 100,000-lbm lifting device enables the wellhead system and casing joints to be removed with one lift
  • Split ring provides guideline capability for ease of installation and overcoming currents
  • Wellhead design reduces installation time by 50%
  • Minimized dive time and reduced number of installation tools enhance operational safety
Cross section illustration of the DF-PA wellhead system