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Elastomer Seals

Ensure wellhead integrity and functionality

Cameron Wellhead Systems

Seals are essential elements in the integrity and functionality of your wellhead equipment. The ability of a wellhead to operate in demanding pressures and temperatures is determined by the integrity of its sealing system. As a well is completed, the role of the wellhead seals is to isolate the increasingly higher pressure zones as each succeeding section is installed, from the starting head to the production tree.

Lock screw packing

  • Type N field-replaceable lock screw designed with the packing element installed inboard of the screw threads
  • Prevention of contamination by wellbore fluids and buildup of solids behind the screws
  • External oil seal that retains grease and protects screw threads from atmospheric corrosion
  • Metal-capped graphite packing elements for HPHT applications

MEC metal end-cap seal

  • Radially squeezed and pressure energized
  • Large section size for greater contact area and ability to seal against surface defects
  • Tolerance of surface imperfections such as those caused by casing centralizers
  • Primary barrier to annulus fluids

P radially energized elastomer injection seal

  • Use as a crossover where moderately severe service is expected
  • Antiextrusion rings that protect the seal from high pressure loads and hold the seal in place for ease of installation
  • Energizing by injecting plastic packing between wellhead body and seal, which maintains constant pressure of the seal onto the casing stub affecting the seal

S radially energized, rounded face, nonextrusion elastomer seal

  • Elastomeric-interference-type seal
  • Radial energizing
  • Rounded seal face that facilitates simple and safe installation
  • Greater sealing contact area and the ability to seal against surface defects
  • Molded metallic components on top and bottom to permit safe installation and prevent extrusion of the elastomer under pressure

SB hanger seal

  • Premium slip-type casing hanger seal
  • Robust lip seal seals in the casing bowl, around the casing, and around the retainer bolts
  • Spring coils that are molded into the corners of the seal element to provide extrusion protection in higher-pressure and -temperature applications
  • Supported by an independent shoulder located above the slips which allows replacement at full-rated casing load capacity
  • Load tested up to 3,000,000 lbm

T radially energized, square cut, nonextrusion elastomer seal

  • High-grade elastomer materials
  • Scarf-cut, square section, antiextrusion rings that eliminate extrusion gap
  • Ability to seal on rough casing
  • Radial energizing
  • Capability of sealing at temperatures, extrusion gaps, and surface finishes too extreme for other elastomeric seals
  • Use as crossovers where moderately severe service is expected