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Low-torque wellhead connector

Cameron Wellhead Systems

Fast makeup and low torque requirement

Designed for completions applications, FlangeLock low-torque wellhead connectors combine the fast makeup and low-torque requirement of FastLock quick wellhead connectors with the inherent low cost of flange connections. 

  • Metal-to-metal sealing. FlangeLock connector uses the same metal-to-metal sealing CF gasket as our FastLock connector.
  • Field ready. FlangeLock connector attaches directly to the FastLock connector hub.
  • Smaller OD. Flange diameter of the connector is the same as the diameter of the hub ,which is significantly smaller in diameter than the equivalent API flange. 
  • Low torque. Larger number of smaller cap screws is used on the FlangeLock connector to keep the makeup torque within the range of lightweight torque wrenches. 
FlangeLock Low-Torque Wellhead Connector
FlangeLock Low-Torque Wellhead Connector


Designed using 3D finite element analysis (FEA), the FlangeLock connector meets the requirements of ASME Section VIII, Division 2 and API 6A specifications. Laboratory tests were performed to verify these results.

13 5/8-in, 5,000-psi and 20 3/4-in, 3,000-psi connectors have been strain-gauged and tested in various configurations, including blind flanges and integral connections on tree blocks and spools. An 11-in, 5,000-psi version with a CF gasket has successfully completed fire testing per API 6FB Part II.