SlipLock Slip-Type Casing Connection System | SLB


Slip-type casing connection system

Cameron Wellhead Systems

Enables wellhead installation without need for welding

The SlipLock slip-type casing connection system can be used as an alternative to the conventional weld-on or threaded casing connection. The field-proven design incorporates the use of slip segments loaded to a specified torque, providing a quick and reliable connection between the casing head and the casing. A dual-annular seal enables testing between the seals.

  • Time savings. Substantial time savings can be realized by eliminating the weld-on or threaded wellhead connection procedures.
  • Simple design. The connection system has no loose parts to be handled during installation.
  • Operational reliability. The SlipLock system uses the same principle as the slip-type casing hanger. The annular seal is created using the P radially energized elastomer injection seal or the radial-energized T radially energized square-cut nonextrusion elastomer seal.
  • Predetermined torque. The connection is made up to a predetermined, specified torque that is calculated for each individual application based on casing properties and pressure ratings.
  • Enhanced safety. No welding is required, and no hot work permit is needed.
SlipLock Slip-Type Casing Connection System