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Cameron SOLIDrill

Modular compact wellhead system

The SOLIDrill system in the field

Innovative, versatile design that maximizes uptime and reduces costs

Cameron SOLIDrill modular compact wellhead systems increase casing and tubing hanger landing reliability and help prevent debris from entering the wellhead. The hangers and packoffs are designed with angled shoulders to repel debris, such as dirt, metal shavings, and cement plugs. This helps avoid costly downtime in drilling and production operations. Capable of being used on land or offshore, the system's standard, flexible design reduces lead times and inventory costs.

Max. pressure rating: 10,000 psi
Temperature range: –20 to 250 degF [–29 to 121 degC]
Size: 13 5/8 in
Cameron SOLIDrill Modular Compact Wellhead System
Cameron SOLIDrill Modular Compact Wellhead System

Endures extreme operating conditions while increasing safety and efficiency

SOLIDrill systems are rated for severe service conditions, including pressures up to 10,000 psi [68.9 MPa] and steep kickoffs. The system also reduces exposure to potential openhole and lost-time incidents by reducing the number of BOP connections, wellhead penetrations (no lock screws), and through-BOP or -diverter operations, enhancing safety and making it one of the most reliable compact wellhead systems in the industry.

Employs innovative design to impede hanger tilt

Constructed with substantially more socketing—the ability to guide the casing within set boundaries—the SOLIDrill system mitigates wedging problems when pressure is applied and reduces the possibility of hanger tilt. Because the wellhead is installed on its own dedicated landing shoulder, the need to look through upper outlets to ensure full land-out is eliminated. A lock ring is used to remove the potential for hanger lift during casing cementing and acts as an optional temporary lockdown mechanism for landing casing hangers. The SOLIDrill system has a self-aligning hanger and centralizing features to provide reliable wellhead installation.

Provides operational flexibility in a single system

The SOLIDrill system's enhanced versatility eliminates excessive use of costly customized equipment. It has the capability to accommodate different casing programs with a single system and minimal tooling, as well as a wide range of tubing programs, including single and dual completions with an ESP cable penetrator. The tubing hanger and running tool assembly are assembled and tested offline; all control lines can then be installed and tested without breaking the connection, saving time on the rig floor.

Running procedures when using the system are standardized, and technician competency is managed through training and regulated learning. The unitized SOLIDrill system meets API 6A standards, can be configured in two- or three-stage arrangements, and is available in a 13 5/8-in size.

Cameron SOLIDrill
Modular compact wellhead system