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Wellhead Installation Digital Position Sensing

Real-time feedback to ensure correct installation of internal wellhead components

rig out on the ocean with a digital overlay

Digital position sensing saves rig time and increases confidence when installing casing or tubing strings.

The collaborative digital solution for wellhead installation landing challenges

Correct installation of the wellhead system is critical: Rig misalignment over the well resulting in improperly landed hangers and packoff seals causes significant downtime to conduct costly recovery operations, especially at remote onshore well locations and offshore platforms.

The wellhead installation digital position sensing solution increases wellhead installation efficiency and accuracy over the manual and subjective conventional method. The algorithm accuracy is greater than 99% in providing real-time analysis of position data from the sensors installed on the wellhead. And removing personnel from the hazardous zone significantly improves safety. The status of installation and landing is unambiguously confirmed.

Montage of field technician viewing software well construction diagram and 3D image of wellhead with sensors
The wellhead installation digital position sensing solution confirms correct landing positions to collaborative inform operators and technicians.
Screenshot of wellhead installation digital position sensing analysis
The wellhead installation digital position sensing software analyzes the positions of the equipment.

How digital position sensing works

The digital position sensing solution for wellhead installation is nonintrusive and modular, consisting of a human machine interface (HMI) device or laptop with automated workflows, position sensors, and a data transmission unit. The position sensors are attached to the wellhead during the installation process.

For real-time monitoring of casing hanger installation, while the casing is landed on the appropriate load shoulder in the wellhead housing, the sensors read the equipment position and report to the software. Data analysis assigns a binary signal of green for correct landing or red for not landed. If analysis confirms the landing, the installed sensors continue to monitor the casing hanger to ensure that no lift occurs during cementing operations.

Once cementing operations are completed, the sensors are repositioned on the wellhead housing to monitor installation of the packoff assembly for confirmation of correct positioning and lockdown, depending on the wellhead configuration. Installation confirmation continues until all strings are installed.

Wellsite operator studying digital display to confirm proper landing of casing hanger and packoff.

Industry-first digital position sensing streamlines wellhead installation, Middle East

Real-time positive confirmation of properly landed hangers and packoffs on two wells avoids subjective judgments and NPT and minimizes risk.

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