Digital controlled release tool

LIVE digital slickline services.

The digital controlled release tool (DCR) provides operator-commanded or timed fail-safe release of the LIVE digital slickline services toolstring in the event it becomes stuck inhole. The DCR enables complete recovery of the digital slickline cable and toolstring above the separation point, while the released string and DCR sub left inhole terminate in a standard fishing neck. Both external and internal profiles provide clean access to the stuck string for subsequent fishing runs. The DCR can be run in any position within the digitial slickline toolstring, allowing sure release of valuable tools if stuck.

The DCR is actuated by one of two options.

  • The first is by operator command from surface when it is decided to abandon attempts to free the string.
  • The second is by fail-safe timed release. Once actuated, the timer counts down 24 hours and releases the tool even if communication with surface is lost. The timer can be stopped, reset, and restarted as required during the job.
Mechanical Specifications  
Technical Specification Temperature rating 302 degF [150 degC]
Technical Specification Pressure rating 15,000 psi [103.4 MPa]
Technical Specification Length 22.8 in [580 mm]
Technical Specification Length of fishing section 6.9 in [176 mm]
Technical Specification Outside diameter 1 11/16 in [43 mm]
Technical Specification Weight 11.0 lbm [5.0 kg]
Technical Specification Service H2S service
Technical Specification Top thread 1 33/64-in 12 Stub ACME (BEST) female
Technical Specification Bottom thread 1 33/64-in 12 Stub ACME (BEST) male
Technical Specification Fishing neck internal 1.062 in (engage with 1 1/2-in GS pulling tool)
Technical Specification Fishing neck external Modified 1.75 in (engage with 2 1/2-in JDC pulling tool)

DCR tool string illustration.
DCR tool.