Memory PS Platform

Production services platform

Well diagnostics

High-quality production logging answers

Memory production logging services use a range of combinable sensors to provide advanced measurements, with the same accuracy and quality as those from the real-time configuration, when logistical, operational, or downhole constraints prevent use of the surface readout (SRO) system. Downhole fluid flow properties and well conditions can be monitored to evaluate production and injection performance.

The following measurements are available:

  • gamma ray and casing collar location for depth correlation
  • temperature
  • pressure
  • quartz pressure
  • fluid velocity (fullbore and inline spinners)
  • water, oil, and gas holdups and bubble counts
  • dual-axis caliper and relative bearing
  • density of wellbore fluid.

Deployment is quick, safe, and easy with the compact size and portability.

Options for log interpretation

SPRINT single-pass interpretation software performs an onsite data quality check and log interpretation. BorFlow production logging tool analytical software package offers comprehensive interpretation.

Single-trip perforating and logging

In some regions, like the North Sea, accessing a well after drilling is difficult and costly, especially for horizontal or highly deviated wells. Drilling rigs often remain on location for well completion and evaluation. On one such well, running the memory production logging services below the perforating guns—on the same string—saved time and money while yielding high-quality data.