Clean Annular Perforating System

A flexible system with a range of entrance holes and shot densities

Clean annular perforating system
Clean annular perforating system
Clean annular perforating system.

Flexibility for entrance holes and area open to flow

The clean annular perforating (CAP) system is a flexible solution for single- and multicasing applications. By controlling standoff and charge selection, the disposable perforating system enables you to penetrate one or more casings reliably and effectively. With the system’s range of entrance holes and shot densities, you can tailor the system design to your objectives, including options for washing cups or jetting.

Efficiency driven by a single trip in the well

The CAP system can be combined with wash tools and the explosive automatic gun release (SXAR) system to drop the perforating guns in the well immediately after firing. This ensures operations can continue without the need to retrieve guns to surface.

Performance assured with unique fin modularity

The CAP system utilizes a modular fin that ensures centralization of the 7-in guns in any casing size from 7 in to 13 3/8 in. This enables hole uniformity even in deviated wells to ensure a more effective and efficient wash and cementing operation.

Reduced no-shot interval between guns

The CAP system provides a single adapter connection between guns to minimize the shot distance from gun to gun. This increases the efficiency of wash operations and enables uniform washing speed even when crossing blank casing spaces in the well.

Clean annular perforating system shot density pattern
Shot pattern for the 18-spf, 120°/60°-phasing CAP system. The CAP system offers a range of entrance hole and shot density options, so you can tailor the system design to your objectives.