Setting Tool

Large confirmed force and variable setting speed

Reliable, low-risk alternative to explosives

Both the ReSOLVE instrumented wireline intervention service and ReSOLVE iX intelligent extreme wireline intervention service include a hydraulically powered, nonexplosive setting tool that delivers a large force of up to 78,000 lbf for setting plugs and packers. With real-time confirmation reporting of the setting force applied and a variable setting speed, the setting tool is a reliable, low-risk alternative to the conventional use of explosives to set plugs and packers. Not using explosives provides a significant advantage for operations in locations where explosives security and safety concerns can complicate logistics and cause delays.

Unlike conventional explosives-actuated plug-setting tools, the ReSOLVE setting tool can be performance tested at the surface before deployment, and radio silence is not necessary during operations.

These broken 55,000-lbf tension studs are from reliability testing of ReSOLVE service during which a single setting tool performed hundreds of simulated plug sets.
ReSOLVE Setting Tool
The ReSOLVE service setting tool is hydraulically powered, providing a large force of up to 78,000 lbf for setting plugs and packers.