Smart Shifting Tool

Multiple, confirmed shifts in a single run

Universal setting tool.

Multiple measured shifts in any direction to single or multiple components

Both the ReSOLVE instrumented wireline intervention service and ReSOLVE iX extreme-performance instrumented wireline intervention service use a smart shifting tool (SST) that can be closed and opened on command for performing multiple shifts in any direction and in one run, whether to a single component or multiple components in multizone completions. The SST is paired with the high-expansion anchor and high-force linear actuator, for which forces and displacements are measured to confirm that the expected force and distance were achieved.

Rated to HPHT and sour conditions with a 2 1/8-in size, the SST of ReSOLVE iX service enables multiple shifting operations in conditions previously impossible to intervene.

The high-expansion UST is shown  fully expanded.
With a larger diameter and more available space, the two-key system of the ReSOLVE service SST delivers reliability and minimizes the toolstring length.
ReSOLVE iX smart shifting tool
The three-key design of the ReSOLVE iX service 2 1/8-in SST enables the highest expansion ratio and ensures centralization in the largest tubing or completions diameter.

Components latched with compliant profile keys

When the tool is run in hole, the SST keys are fully retracted to enable the tool to pass restrictions. To latch a selected completion component, the SST radially extends profile keys with a specified preload force. The extended keys remain compliant to navigate well geometry.

Once the SST is latched into the profile of the component, the anchor secures the tool in the well, and the linear actuator extends or retracts to shift the component. The keys fully retract to enable the tool to pass restrictions.