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Reciprocating wireline tractor

MaxTRAC reciprocating wireline tractor

Log up and down passes for better performance

MaxTRACTM reciprocating wireline tractor is an efficient, intelligent conveyance tractor that acquires well data in downward and upward passes for more accurate flow data. The tractor also traverses changes in hole diameter, straddles washouts, and negotiates complex completions.

There is much greater flexibility than traditional systems because the tractor is automatically monitored and controlled at surface. The MaxTRAC tractor extends the operating window of conventional tractor systems and does not require stopping for cooldown.

MaxTRAC reciprocating wireline tractor

Convey tools in high-angle and horizontal wellbores

The MaxTRAC tractor is extremely versatile. It is used for conveying logging and perforating tools or to gather detailed information about downhole conditions.

Engineered for high-angle and horizontal wells, the MaxTRAC tractor deploys downhole tools that previously had to be conveyed by coiled tubing or drillpipe. MaxTRAC tractor not only is easier to use but has a much longer reach and is far less costly when conducting completion or intervention programs.

Reduce health, safety, and environmental risks

Proven wireline pressure control equipment
Simplified pressure testing procedures
Elimination of heavy equipment handling
Reduced time for rig-up, operation, and rig-down
Fewer onsite personnel