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Reverse Osmosis Systems

Remove dissolved salts from seawater


Use seawater without introducing salts into your process or formation

In order to avoid potential reactions between formation and seawater borne salts, water used for injection should be processed to remove impurities. Reverse osmosis filtration is the industry standard method for removing dissolved solids such as salts from process water. Schlumberger reverse osmosis systems are equipped with a clean-in-place system for cleaning the membranes, which are packaged in individual fiberglass-reinforced plastic housings.

We have years of design expertise and installation experience that enable us customize a reverse osmosis system to meet the specific requirements of your project. By creating a full custom process, design fluxes can be optimized, and the number of membranes needed can be reduced when used in conjunction with other Schlumberger technologies such as a Polymem UF seawater ultrafiltration system. Furthermore, designing with our full range of technologies enables us to provide a full-system process guarantee, rather than just for individual equipment items.