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Sulfate Removal System

Effective treatment of seawater for injection


Prevent reservoir damage from sulfate introduction

Our sulfate removal systems address two primary problems that arise when seawater is introduced into your reservoir: scale control and souring control. Scale is precipitated when sulfates enter the reservoir with seawater and then react with salts, such as barium and strontium salts, already present in the formation.

Souring is also controlled by removing sulfates that feed sulfate-reducing bacteria present in the formation. The byproduct of that consumption is hydrogen sulfide (H2S), which is corrosive and extremely detrimental to the operation and lifespan of equipment, and will eventually lead to downtime.

Removing sulfates from seawater prior to use prevents both of these types of damage.


Incorporate sulfate removal into a seawater process

Taking advantage of our years of design and installation experience to develop a custom sulfate removal system has benefits beyond scale or H2S reduction. When used in concert with other technologies we provide, such as the Polymem UF seawater ultrafiltratation system, the number of membranes needed can be reduced versus an off-the-shelf solution, reducing capex. When incorporated into an comprehensive seawater treatment solution, an entire process guarantee is also available rather than a guarantee for individual technologies.

Sulfate Removal System
Sulfate Removal System