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Performance Live Service: Humans Are Amazing
Good technology is the logical extension of the human mind and body.

Performance Live service enhances the customer experience by enabling live control of wellsite operations, borderless access to expertise, and faster and more informed decision making.

Go live with real-time wellsite operations control, from anywhere at any time

Performance Live digitally connected service enables a collaborative digital ecosystem that delivers safer, more consistent, and higher-performing operations by implementing new technologies to reduce or eliminate tasks. It optimizes task distribution between the wellsite and town and provides seamless and borderless accessibility to expertise.

Map of Performance Live service global footprint
Performance Live service enables borderless access to vast expertise through our robust digital network linking centers spanning the globe.
Map of Performance Live service global footprint
Decarbonize Your Operations
Performance Live digitally connected service is part of our Transition Technologies portfolio. Learn about our approach to driving high performance sustainably and other technologies that can help minimize your well construction CO2 footprint.
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Transform legacy-job support models into an industry-leading digital operating environment

A dedicated performance software suite and advances in our downhole equipment work seamlessly with our technology and service portfolios to offer workflows for all traditional wellsite roles. This helps eliminate many physical tasks, and thereby reduces personnel on board and associated HSE exposure. No longer required at the rig site, engineers are instead linked via the robust Schlumberger data network that integrates technology and a collaborative digital ecosystem, which automates common processes so engineers can focus on improving customers’ performance.

The appropriate experts carry out analytical tasks for activities such as formation evaluation, wellbore positioning, directional drilling, well intervention, data quality, and evaluating overall execution readiness—all in town and away from the rig site. Actionable insights reach decision makers faster to optimize decision making, potentially prevent unwanted incidents, and decrease related response times.

Operational flexibility improves as Performance Live service opens any job to borderless competency management. It scales quickly to better handle regional or seasonal activity variations and enables a better contingency to mitigate effects of unplanned events, such as weather or wellsite crew illness, without compromising health and safety.

PHSS Uses Digital Ecosystem to Assure Wellsite Operations Despite Logistic Challenges
Performance Live service overcomes COVID operational disruptions, optimizes crew size, and reduces carbon footprint
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Performance Live Service: Technical Presentation
In this technical presentation, we discuss Performance Live service's applications, benefits, and features.
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