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Challenge: Manage E&P data that is expected to multiply due to the company’s huge growth target.

Solution: Implement ProSource E&P corporate information management platform to centralize data and provide scalability, and include the following components:

  • Seabed advanced E&P datastore system
  • ProSource Enterprise for general, well, and spatial data management
  • ProSource Seismic for seismic trace data management
  • ProSource Logs for field log curves data management
  • ProSource Results for seismic interpretation data management
  • ProSource Petrel plug-in for Petrel results data capture and restoration
  • Troika Magma for seismic tape QC and seismic data transcription

Result: Established a secure corporate data management system (CDMS); improved E&P operations via standardized workflows and higher-quality trusted data; enabled users to find information fast; integrated with other corporate operations and systems for increased collaboration.

GSPC Consolidates and Secures E&P Data for Enterprise Use

ProSource E&P corporate information management platform provides a scalable solution for growing operations

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Schematic of the GSPC integrated solution, showing how the ProSource corporate information management platform links to the organization’s data via a single user interface.

Mitigate data-related constraints

By the mid-1990s, Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation (GSPC) was actively involved in E&P operations as an important player in the Indian Exploration and Production industry. GSPC has more than 60 different onshore and offshore licenses— mostly in the exploration acreages— stretching across India and abroad. Technical data generated to date from E&P operations—independently or in partnership with other consortium members —had been managed in-house, in an inconsistent, ad hoc manner. It was clearly time for more efficient processes and improved data security to protect project investments, along with scalability to support the company’'s exponential growth target.

GSPC needed an information management solution to mitigate the following constraints:

  • lack of consolidation, governance, and standardization of E&P data
  • lack of collaboration among asset and functional groups
  • lack of well-defined data management workflows by domain
  • lack of confidence in data usage because of data quality issues
  • absence of proper interpretation results as part of the data management process
  • absence of data security and entitlements
  • use of nonstandard, archaic seismic data tapes.

Establish corporate E&P database

After careful evaluation of various vendor solutions, GSPC decided to partner with Schlumberger to establish a corporate database for its E&P operations using the complete ProSource information management platform. The project was implemented in a phased approach, which included distinct steps.

Domain-specific workflows were designed for Seismic, Log, Well, and Results data. Domain-specific policies and procedures, as well as quality criteria were defined. A secure, Web-enabled, GIS domain-specific access workflow was created.

Data storage
All E&P data were consolidated in a secure, centralized corporate database. This provided a single repository to search, while eliminating data duplication and increasing data quality. By the project’s end, approximately 10 terabytes of information were consolidated and cataloged, including 3,000 magnetic tapes of prestack and poststack seismic data; 15,000 well log traces; and 50 wells’ worth of G&G, drilling, reservoir, and production data, along with related documents.

A data management organization was put in place to implement the workflows and promote data ownership. Approximately 20 end users were trained on specific data management workflows.

The new system was seamlessly integrated with GSPC operations and is now part of the daily workflow. The system also enabled integration with software, such as GeoFrame and Petrel applications.

CDMS advantages

GSPC realized numerous advantages with the CDMS designed for its current and future needs:

  • data asset consolidation and protection—safe-guarded million-  dollar investments in E&P data acquisition and scientific studies
  • quality control and validation process—ensured highest quality of data in corporate database
  • workflow cycle time reduction—provided faster and easier access to validated data and information
  • efficiency improvements—delivered all required data to  desktops on demand, saving  50% of time previously required to find information
  • better and faster decisions with improved quality data
  • E&P workflow optimization—consolidated disparate datastores  into a master database, accessible through a common Web and GIS interface
  • investment reduction in proprietary solutions—used proven, commercial technology and services that incorporate  industry standards
  • interpretation storage for future reference, along with relevant context details.

GSPC is positioned to meet the onslaught of E&P information management demands for the next decade, thanks to the comprehensive, scalable solution delivered by Schlumberger.

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