Digital Well Testing Platform Efficiently Predicts Slugging and Monitors Flaring, Western Kazakhstan | Schlumberger
Case Study

Challenge: Improve data monitoring, communication, and safety across extensive well test footprint to better manage slugging from remote wells in achieving test objectives.

Solution: Introduce the Concert well testing live performance as the test platform to fully integrate automated wireless sensors, video cameras, well crew, and customer in real-time communication.


  • Better managed slugs via event prediction to adjust the separator in advance.
  • Improved burner performance through continuous monitoring and in-time response to eliminate black smoke.
  • Increased operations safety with data capture and analysis transparently shared across the wellsite and customer offices without requiring personnel exposure in ATEX Zone 1 areas.
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Digital Well Testing Platform Efficiently Predicts Slugging and Monitors Flaring, Western Kazakhstan

Concert performance automates monitoring to improve data quality, availability, and communication for crew and customer.

Improving the management of slugging effects

The extensive equipment layout at a well testing operation in western Kazakhstan was posing concerns for timely decision making and safety. Collecting critical data and monitoring flaring required personnel to often enter ATEX Zone 1 areas, and then the resulting information had to be communicated across the crew and to the customer, which involved a variety of channels.

The inefficiencies introduced by this conventional approach slowed decision making, which needed to be more timely, especially for managing the occurrence of slugging from remote wells.

Monitoring the wellsite and all processes for real-time communication

To deliver a step change in automation and informed decision making, Schlumberger installed Concert well testing live performance. This collaborative well testing platform integrates a flexible wireless sensor network and video cameras for inline, continuous digital data acquisition and analysis. The well crew is equipped with ATEX Zone 1–rated tablets and wearable technology, with a web-based dashboard providing the same data and video display and analysis for the crew and to customer offices alike.

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Continuous monitoring of burner performance drives operational efficiency and mitigates risk.

Replacing reactive decisions with informed, efficient testing

The Concert performance significantly increased the efficiency of well test operations by replacing manual measurements with consistent, continuous real-time data and analysis. For example, as well conditions changed, the crew knew when to commence water reinjection through the oil line. Graphic alerts of upcoming slugs were used to appropriately adjust the separator in advance. Personnel safety was also improved through better communication and reduced exposure to handling fluids.

By using the cameras for video surveillance of burner combustion for fallout and emissions, potential environmental impact was mitigated. The crew was able to respond in real time to adjust the air supply to eliminate black smoke from the burner.

With all data and analysis seamlessly shared via Concert performance to the customer’s office, the progress of the test in achieving its objectives was now immediately accessible for truly informed decision making.

Products Used

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