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SLB collaborates with John Cockerill Hydrogen to accelerate clean hydrogen development

Published: 06/03/2024

John Cockerill Hydrogen pressurized alkaline electrolyzer system installation

SLB is collaborating with John Cockerill Hydrogen, a global leader in hydrogen technology, to create a strategic partnership between the two companies that will accelerate the development and deployment of pressurized alkaline electrolyzers.

So, what’s that exactly?

Hydrogen produced via electrolysis with renewable power has a low carbon footprint and is considered a form of clean hydrogen. Today, most commercial clean hydrogen production is done using alkaline electrolyzers. Other types of electrolyzer technologies used for clean hydrogen production include proton exchange membrane (PEM) and solid oxide.

More on the partnership

The partnership will combine John Cockerill Hydrogen’s commercial portfolio of pressurized alkaline electrolyzers and technology development expertise with SLB’s technology industrialization expertise, global footprint and services delivery capabilities.

“SLB has nearly 100 years of experience deploying complex engineered solutions for the energy industry all across the globe,” said Rafael Fejervary, director of SLB’s hydrogen business. “We will use this experience to accelerate the global deployment of John Cockerill Hydrogen’s technology portfolio and work closely with them to advance the development and deployment of next-generation alkaline electrolyzers.”

Why it matters

Hydrogen holds great promise as a decarbonization mechanism for our modern society: it burns clean and can be applied across many industrial sectors. The problem is that not all hydrogen is created equal―and finding ways to produce low-carbon hydrogen at scale is key for industrials to meet crucial decarbonization goals.

How to get there

Today, industrials need broader access to more low-carbon hydrogen, but this will only happen if we can industrialize proven technologies and rapidly innovate and deploy new ones.

This is where our partnership with John Cockerill Hydrogen will play a key role.

“Access to proven low-carbon hydrogen production technologies is vital for industrials to decarbonize their operations and for our world to meet crucial net-zero targets,” said Fejervary. “Through our partnership with John Cockerill Hydrogen, we will deliver low-carbon hydrogen solutions to the world at scale.”

Tech deep dive

John Cockerill Hydrogen’s portfolio includes 5MW stacks and a complete 30MW pressurized alkaline electrolyzer system. Each of these systems can produce over 12 tons of clean hydrogen per day, enough to fuel 3,000 cars or create 66 tons of clean ammonia daily.

More details about the partnership are in John Cockerill Hydrogen’s announcement.

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Image shows a John Cockerill Hydrogen pressurized alkaline electrolyzer system installation. Image courtesy of John Cockerill Hydrogen.

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