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Empower your business to meet its greatest challenges with our scalable AI solutions.

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Scale your solutions with cutting-edge domain data-driven AI coupled with generative AI.

Collaborate across domains with experts and scalable AI.

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Digital Forum 2024 - submit abstract

Navigating new frontiers

Join us at the SLB Digital Forum 2024 to learn how the union of human ingenuity and technology offer extraordinary opportunities for greater efficiency in today’s energy systems, while enabling a transition to tomorrow’s.

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AI solutions collaborations

Enable your technical and non-technical users to build and deploy AI, on the cloud and on-prem through no code/low code solutions.

Domain data and AI enable technical and non-technical experts to address customer challenges at scale without writing code.

Democratizing AI for customers in the Middle East

Democratizing AI for customers in the Middle East



In this video, Dany Rahal, VP Digital—MENA at SLB D&I, and Siddhartha Batia, Area VP and General Manager of META at Dataiku, discuss the challenges faced by energy companies across the Middle East, and how artificial intelligence can help to tackle them.

Data Science

Delfi Data Science

An end-to-end platform for rapid data insights and machine learning, leveraging our partnership with Dataiku.

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AI Solutions

Laying the foundation for scaling AI.

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Learn more about our AI solutions

Embrace a future where innovation and efficiency help to shape the energy industry.

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  • woman in front of a digital image
    Accelerate AI adoption for the energy industry

    The breadth and depth of Schlumberger domain and AI expertise is available to you through INNOVATION FACTORI. View

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    Delfi Data Science
    AI and analytics solutions for energy workflows

    Build, manage, and deploy AI to solve your day-to-day challenges. View

  • Production Micro Solutions
    Production Micro Solutions
    Rapid innovation to drive operational efficiency and production enhancement

    We offer tailored solutions to meet your production needs, at any scale. View

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    AI in Delfi
    Artificial intelligence for the energy industry

    Integrate the world’s best AI into one open, scalable experience. View

  • Edge AI for IoT
    Edge AI for IoT
    Operations just got smarter. Welcome to the next era.

    Digital intelligence at the heart of your operations. View

  • Data Solutions
    Data Solutions
    See the whole asset as one to make plans and decisions better and faster by digitally transforming your domain workflows

    Our data solutions seamlessly unite your workflows from exploration to production and augment outcomes with AI and machine learning, giving you the power to make fast and accurate decisions View