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Electrification of infrastructure

Reduce the physical size of your projects, improve efficiency, access renewable power, and digitalize your infrastructure

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Optimize, simplify, and shrink your infrastructure to improve productivity and reduce carbon footprint

The oil and gas industry has traditionally relied on hydraulic and mechanical systems to enable production operations. But a new era for sustainable operations has emerged. Electrification of infrastructure can decrease the environmental impact of your operations by reducing the physical size of your projects, improving efficiency, more easily enabling access to low-carbon power, and eliminating large volumes of hydraulic fluid. In addition, electric systems can enhance production, reduce capex and opex, and accelerate time to first oil.

We help customers achieve these objectives by integrating quantifiably proven footprint-reduction technologies and solutions.

Electrification: The Future Is On
Enabling lower-cost, lower-carbon energy from offshore energy assets with electrification

Drive high performance with high-precision systems, wherever you operate

All-electric production systems are a key part of our strategy to enable customers to meet their sustainability goals while driving high performance. With a range of integrated technologies spanning subsurface, subsea, and surface environments, these systems generate greater returns that maximize the value of your asset.

Our digitalized integrated systems enable real-time visualization and control of production, and eliminate the risk of hydraulic leaks. Integrated electrified systems drive a significant reduction in the physical size of offshore infrastructure, leading to a reduction in emissions during manufacturing, installation, operations, and maintenance.

We work with our customers to lead the industry toward all-electric production systems. In 2021, we partnered with bp to build and deploy our first all-electric manifold offshore Trinidad and Tobago. By leveraging SLB expertise and customer collaboration, we helped bp accelerate gas production by seven months.

3D illustration of all electric subsea field

Explore our electric energy systems for offshore oil and gas production

Produce low-cost, low-carbon energy with fully integrated electrification of facilities. See how we provide the full range of technology and expertise to design and deliver a complete electric energy system.

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