Well construction multiskilling

Multiskilled crews improve operational efficiency and facilitate integration of new technology

Well construction multiskilling.
): Engineer working on many screens at a desk in the Performance Live service center.

Lean crew with a diverse skill set

In a dynamic energy environment, a multiskilled crew is the key to efficient, sustainable, and streamlined well operations. A lean crew with a diverse skill set for performing multiple tasks and services optimizes the onsite workforce and leads to efficient well-cycle service delivery. With seamless integration of various skills, efficient communication, and a customer-centric approach, the multiskilled crew's ability to adapt, respond quickly, and deliver consistently high-quality service contributes to enhanced well construction performance. Moreover, the crew plays a crucial role in improving the safety, reliability, and profitability of well operations.

Map of locations where multiskilled crews are successfully deployed.
With an extensive global impact, multiskilled crews are deployed in over 20 countries where more than 15 operating models are delivered throughout the well cycle successfully.

Integrated digital solutions

Well construction multiskilling deploys highly experienced personnel with the skill set to deliver multiple services. Compared with large conventional crews and callout service crews, this versatile, lean crew can significantly optimize the workforce at the wellsite.

For onshore locations, analytical tasks and monitoring are handled remotely via Performance Live™ digitally connected service, and manual tasks are executed at the wellsite. Furthermore, leveraging new technology and digital solutions along with the multiskilled crew further enhances efficiency and performance.

At the wellsite, the multiskilled crew executes various tasks associated with different services, including surface logging, directional drilling, measurements while drilling, drilling fluids, cementing, and waste management.

Engineer working on many screens at a desk in the Performance Live service center.
Well construction multiskilling includes connecting with Performance Live digitally connected service.
Well construction multiskilling.

From drilling to completion, our comprehensive well construction services

  • Decrease personnel on board (POB) and related logistics costs
  • Minimize CO2 emissions related to personnel energy consumption
  • Provide a focal point for multiple services
  • Enable callout services with more integrated solutions
  • Facilitate the adoption of new technology and digital solutions
  • Mitigate HSE risk exposure at the wellsite and during crew commutes.

Faster response times

Multiskilled crews can respond more quickly to customer needs or issues because they have a diverse set of skills. Instead of navigating among different specialized teams, customers can communicate with a single team that coordinates internally to meet their needs. This efficiency leads to faster resolution and task completion with less waiting time.

One-stop solutions

Customers conveniently interact with a multiskilled crew that adapts to different situations across a range of services without the need to involve multiple specialists or departments. The multiskilled crew enables customers to be less reliant on individual specialists, creating more seamless and consistent service experiences.

Reduced costs and carbon footprint

Lean operations involve minimizing unnecessary activities and streamlining processes to eliminate excessive overheads. This efficiency reduces energy consumption and, consequently, lowers carbon footprint.

Infographic of the benefits of implementing multiskilled crews.