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Geothermal Services

Enhancing project efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability

geothermal, rig, silhouette
geothermal, rig, silhouette
Accelerate exploration
by integrating geology, geophysics, geochemistry, and geomechanics analyses
Improve well targeting
with robust conceptual models
Reduce uncertainty
by folding in exploration and drilling data, geothermal modeling, and reservoir simulation
Optimize drilling and operations
with comprehensive solutions from wellsite selection to design, drilling, testing, and monitoring

The acquisition of GeothermEx in 2010 places Schlumberger in a unique position to serve the geothermal industry. Our work in hundreds of geothermal fields in more than 50 countries and participation in 70% of all operating geothermal projects worldwide means that no company is better equipped for your geothermal success than Schlumberger, which has been working in the subsurface since 1922.

We cover the full spectrum of geothermal operations, including

  • design and implementation of exploration programs
  • geothermal drilling projects
  • design, execution, and interpretation of well logging and testing
  • conceptual modeling based on integration of geologic, geochemical, geophysical, drilling, and well-test data
  • reservoir engineering and numerical simulation of reservoirs
  • wellbore simulation and well design
  • optimization of resource use
  • project feasibility studies.
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Global geothermal presence

We’ve undertaken a significant body of work in exploring, evaluating, drilling and operating geothermal resources and have developed numerical models for 70% of the  operating geothermal power projects around the world. Our work has led to the successful installation and operation of nearly 8,000 MW of geothermal power and enabled more than USD 14 billion in geothermal project financing.

Leveraging our leading capabilities for subsurface data analysis, our ability to develop optimized drilling plans, and integrated management and execution, the Schlumberger New Energy geothermal power ventures enable cost-effective geothermal development and improved success rates through technical consulting and innovative business models that maximize the value of geothermal resources and the power they produce.

Global map of Schlumberger geothermal projects
Schlumberger geothermal statistics: 56 countries; 300+ fields; USD 14 billion in project finance; 8 million kW on line
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Every geothermal project has uncertainties, particularly at the early stages of development. The formula for success in geothermal projects is an informed, interdisciplinary approach that brings together innovative science and engineering, practical experience, and hands-on project management. Even during later stages, the most significant variable in any geothermal project is the resource itself. Assessing resource risks and opportunities is crucial to long-term success.

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Green power for a sustainable future

Green power is also an important addition to any energy portfolio, and geothermal electricity is an attractive alternative, not only to conventionally fueled power plants but also to intermittent renewable sources such as wind and solar.

We work closely with engineering companies involved in power plant design and construction so that maximum efficiency and sustainability is achieved from every bit of the geothermal fluid extracted from deep underground.

Enhanced geothermal systems (EGS)

Reservoirs with subcommercial permeability can be made economically viable with hydraulic stimulation techniques. Schlumberger's extensive experience with tight shale projects has resulted in expertise and technologies that are directly applicable to EGS developments.

Our unique experience in the domain is leveraged to improve the effectiveness of fracture network enhancement and heat exchange in EGS reservoirs.

Our approach to EGS

  • Wellbore image logging, processing, and interpretation
  • Geomechanics and stress field analysis
  • Core testing for mechanical and petrophysical properties
  • Design and implementation of multizone EGS well completions
  • Stimulation planning, implementation, and monitoring
Reservoir-wellbore-pipeline simulation in Geysers Field, California
We developed an integrated model for the Northern California Power Agency that combines reservoir simulation with mathematical modeling of the wellbores, pipelines, and power plants, making it easier to quantify the impact of operational augmentations.
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Integrated solutions for geothermal project development

With its intrinsic complexity, the exploration and development of geothermal resources requires an informed, interdisciplinary approach that combines innovative science and engineering with significant experience and hands-on project management. The traditional relationship between operator and multiple service providers results in fragmented, inefficient, and low-service quality. A scalable and flexible integrated geothermal solution helps address these challenges and enables Schlumberger to leverage its project management expertise and draw on the breadth of its services to improve the project efficiency.

Best-in-class technologies support the full spectrum of the geothermal resource life cycle—from reconnaissance exploration and drilling through analysis, project management, financial modeling, operational support, and expansions. Our comprehensive range of services and technologies enable cost-effective geothermal development and improved success rates through increased drilling efficiency, improved logistics, streamlined workflows, and accurate well and field production estimates of geothermal wells.

Independent, accurate analysis

We have worked with public and private electrical utilities and financial organizations, government agencies, and land owners in executing geothermal energy projects. When government agencies and financial institutions need independent third-party assessments of the capacity, sustainability, and value of geothermal resources, many come to us for

  • national and regional evaluations of geothermal power potential
  • technical support for policies and financial incentives to enable more geothermal power
  • identification and mitigation of geothermal resource risks
  • in-depth resource analyses and numerical simulations of geothermal reservoir performance
  • financial modeling and project valuations.