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Heavy Oil

Massive reserves, technical challenges, and huge rewards

heavy oil

Some of the world’s largest reserves are heavy oil reservoirs. With oil in place equal to the largest conventional oil fields in the Middle East, heavy oil reserves are found in more than 30 countries around the globe.

Our focus is improving the development and exploitation of deposits in existing heavy oil regions and increasing recovery from underdeveloped deposits. This requires balancing economics and reducing the energy requirements and environmental footprint of producing these reserves.

Modern sample analysis laboratories located around the world provide rapid, accurate rock and fluid property information

Heavy oil resources are twice those of conventional oil.

The main challenge of heavy oil is not finding the resources but in extracting, recovering, producing, and selling heavy crudes within often changing economic guidelines. To bring these extensive reserves into economic viability, all parameters, disciplines, and personnel need to be optimized to work in perfect sync for exceptional operations.

We have the expertise and technologies to cover all the reservoir, drilling, completions, and production bases and bring heavy oil recovery within practical reach.


Model reservoir geology and flow with expert interpretation and consulting.

  • VISAGE Finite-Element Geomechanics Simulator
    Finite-element geomechanics simulator

    Better understand geomechanical risks and optimize production. View link button arrow

  • INTERSECT High-Resolution Reservoir Simulator
    High-resolution reservoir simulator

    Gain new insight with high-resolution reservoir simulation. View link button arrow

  •  OLGA Dynamic Multiphase Flow Simulator
    Dynamic multiphase flow simulator

    Use the industry-standard tool for dynamic multiphase flow simulation. View link button arrow

Reservoir Description

Plot out a target-by-target production strategy.

  • Schlumberger worker performing analysis and tests in a reservoir lab.
    Reservoir Laboratories
    Comprehensive physical and digital rock and fluid analysis services

    Make timely reservoir decisions with accurate, precise results from our services, technologies, and expertise. View link button arrow

  • seismic card
    Geophysics expertise, seismic data, and digital capabilities

    Accelerate hydrocarbon discovery throughout the life of the reservoir—from exploration through EOR. View link button arrow

  • Dielectric Scanner
    Dielectric Scanner
    Multifrequency dielectric dispersion service

    Acquire measurements that speak volumes. View link button arrow

  • MR Scanner expert magnetic resonance service
    MR Scanner
    Expert magnetic resonance service

    Obtain NMR measurement of porosity, permeability, and fluid volumes independent of the rock matrix. View link button arrow

  • Crosswell seismic imaging
    Crosswell seismic imaging service

    Achieve seismic imaging at the reservoir scale. View link button arrow

  • Sonic Scanner Acoustic Scanning Platform
    Sonic Scanner
    Acoustic scanning platform

    Gain acoustic insight to anisotropy and formation geomechanics in wells at any angle. View link button arrow

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Well Construction

Accurately place and construct your producer, injector, and monitor wells.

  • Screenshot showing a colorful image of the multilayer mapping-while-drilling service trajectory
    PeriScope Edge
    Multilayer mapping-while-drilling service

    Achieve the highest confidence for precision steering decisions in razor-thin reservoirs. View link button arrow

  • ThermaSTONE Thermally Responsive Cement System
    Thermally responsive cement system

    Prevent cement failure with thermally responsive cement systems that expand and contract in high pressures and temperatures. View link button arrow


Maximize your project's value through its entire lifecycle.

  • REDA Hotline ESP system
    REDA Hotline
    High-temperature ESP motors

    Increase production in heavy oil, gassy wells, and other extreme heat environments. View link button arrow

    Progressing Cavity Pumps (PCPs)
    Lower operating and capital costs

    Efficiently handle high-sand-cut wells and high-viscosity fluids with lower power consumption than other lift methods. View link button arrow

  • Third-generation REDA HPS horizontal multistage surface pump
    Third-Generation REDA HPS
    Horizontal multistage surface pumping system

    For oil and gas; mine dewatering; carbon capture, utilization, and storage; and geothermal energy applications. View link button arrow

  • WellWatcher BriteBlue HT DTS Fiber
    WellWatcher BriteBlue HT
    High-temperature multimode DTS fiber

    Enhance production management with reservoir surveillance in wells up to 572 degF [300 degC] and with hydrogen. View link button arrow

  • Liner Hanger
    Liner Hangers
    Improved well construction efficiency

    Enhance well integrity in applications from deepwater to land with cemented, uncemented, and expandable liner hangers. View link button arrow

  • Sand Screens
    Sand Screens and Inflow Control Devices (ICDs)
    Versatile, robust, reliable technology for sand control

    Optimize your sand control completion with robust, fit-for-purpose sand screens and inflow control devices. View link button arrow

Production Optimization

Manage data, simulation, and equipment for ongoing operational optimization.

  • Production chemicals
    Oil and Gas Production Chemicals and Services
    Maximize production from reservoir to refinery

    Improve and assure production more safely with chemistry technologies, software, and mechanical solutions. View link button arrow

  • Surface multiphase flow metering card
    Surface Multiphase Flowmetering
    Real-time multiphase flow rate measurement

    Accurately measure the full spectrum of multiphase flow rates while monitoring and evaluating production in real time with a compact flowmeter specifically designed for topside and land applications. View link button arrow

  • Schlumberger field workers look up at a rig.
    Production Management
    Develop and comanage your assets

    Partner with us for new and mature field development with fit-for-purpose strategic commercial engagements. View link button arrow