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Dissolvable plug-and-perf system

Dissolvable plug-and-perf system

Infinity dissolvable plug-and-perf system uses degradable fracturing balls and seats instead of plugs to isolate zones during stimulation. The patented aluminum-based material degrades completely and predictably within hours or days, ensuring that production reaches its full potential. No plugs means no mechanical intervention is required to mill them out. Combining the system with the KickStart pressure-activated rupture disc valve for cemented multistage fracturing further eliminates the need for the tubing- or CT-conveyed perforating gun to fracture-stimulate the first stage.The lateral length is restricted by the capabilities, costs, and length of CT for effective milling. Eliminating postfracturing CT intervention removes limits on the length of the lateral, maximizing reservoir contact and estimated ultimate recovery (EUR). The time between drilling and production is also significantly reduced.

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