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CT real-time gamma ray logging tool

Improve performance and depth correlation

Gamma ray (GR) measurements are available with the ACTive real-time downhole CT services, which provide downhole measurements enabled by fiber-optic telemetry. The ACTive GR CT real-time gamma ray logging tool detects naturally occurring gamma rays in the formations adjacent to the wellbore, while maintaining pump-through capability for CT intervention. The service provides you with an industry-standard measurement for depth correlation while maintaining pumpthrough capability.

ACTive GR  CT real-time gamma ray logging tool
Gamma ray measurements of subsurface formations gathered in real time while maintaining pump-through capability.
HPHT ACTive services CT perforation report
HPHT ACTive services CT perforation report.

Enhance operational efficiency

The GR tool enhances other ACTive services when run in combination. For instance, ACTive Perf CT real-time perforating service is augmented by accurate depth control and perforating the target zone in a single run while monitoring the hydrostatic balance with the integral pressure sensor. ACTive Matrix CT real-time stimulation and conformance service improves fluid placement by combining distributed temperature measurements with monitoring of radioactive tracers in stimulation fluids.

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