ACTive Matrix

CT real-time stimulation and conformance service

ACTive Matrix stimulation operation.

Optimize CT matrix stimulation

ACTive Matrix service integrates tools that monitor injection rates and downhole pressure, temperature, and optional—but crucial—DTS measurements to enable optimal treatment volumes by maximizing fluid penetration and diversion. This real-time process improves treatment performance and enhances the design of subsequent treatments by providing the accurate data needed to stimulate the appropriate zones.

Stimulate the entire reservoir

Once ACTive Matrix service is deployed to TD, a baseline DTS survey can be performed, followed by additional temperature surveys. These surveys are used to guide fluid placement before stimulation begins and to quantify fluid distribution across intake zones, ensuring effective stimulation of the entire reservoir and overall performance improvement of operations.

Stimulation and conformance operation in Bakersfield California.
Graph: The ACTive Matrix service improved oil production for each of the three stimulated test wells, and the operator achieved 100% solubility of hydrocarbon deposits and complete scale removal.

ACTive Matrix Service Achieves 100% Solubility of Hydrocarbon Deposits

Treatment to dissolve accumulated hydrocarbon deposits and clean up the wellbores in three wells included a perforation wash and matrix stimulation treatment.

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ACTive Matrix
CT real-time stimulation & conformance service