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Oil Treatment

Technologies to prepare oil for shipment to a refinery or transportation through a pipeline

Get your crude ready for commercialization

Our crude oil treatment technologies include multiphase separation systems, dehydration and desalting electrostatic treaters, and distillate treaters. We use these technologies—perfected over many decades—to provide solutions ranging from single-stage product applications to complete oil treatments to ensure your oil is cost-effectively delivered to specification. 

We can use our industry-leading technologies to optimize a processing facility tailored to your requirements. Our experts can also help you identify upgrade opportunities for your existing facilities that will boost production and provide an immediate return on investment.

Man testing valve at oil treatment facility

Identify upgrade opportunities that boost production and provide immediate ROI.

Dehydrating and Desalting

Engineered for influent flexibility, higher throughput, reduced energy consumption, and compact design for topside applications.

Our wide range of AC/DC electrostatic crude oil dehydration and desalting technologies provides increased influent flexibility, higher throughput, reduced energy consumption, and compact designs for topside applications.

Engineered for reliability and efficiency, our solutions are provided to match to your crude slate and output requirements and lower your opex over conventional treatment systems. 

Dehydrating desalting Bilectric HF illustration


High-frequency AC desalter

Desalt challenging crude slates, such as low-API and conductive crude oil.


Electrostatic treater

Use both AC and DC power to significantly improve processing compared with conventional AC electrostatic technologies.


Electrostatic treater

Maximize dehydration and desalting efficiency at lower operating temperatures than equivalent AC electrostatic and mechanical treaters.


Electrostatic desalting technology

Harness five technologies combined within a single compact and effective vessel.

Process Live Uptime Assurance for Electrostatic Treaters

Data-enriched performance service

Improve crude oil dehydrating and desalting performance and reduce demulsifier consumption and washwater usage.

Multiphase Separators

Application- and environment-specific separation of gas, oil, and water with output of high-quality separated phases.

PETRECO METERCELL Distillate Treater

Low-opex system proven to effectively remove a wide array of contaminants from hydrocarbon distillates.

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