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CURE Hydrogen Sulfide Liquid Scavengers

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Keep hydrogen sulfide in check

Schlumberger offers both the ground-breaking SULFATREAT hydrogen sulfide removal system and SELECT system solid products in addition to a range of amine- and aldehyde-based liquid sulfide scavengers developed for application in gas, water, and oil streams.

The most appropriate product is selected for the application based on the process conditions and the operational requirements.

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is very toxic and corrosive even at low levels. The occupational exposure limit is 10 ppm and the gas is fatal above 150 ppm. Corrosion due to H2S can lead to catastrophic failures, which may occur without warning. Consequently, the maximum permitted level of H2S in gas pipelines, for example, is typically less than 5 ppm. 

Additionally, H2S can form insoluble salts with many different metal ions that might be present in produced water, causing fouling, filter blocking, and injection well damage.

Minimize environmental impact

Products designed for water and gas application form water-soluble, low-toxicity, biodegradable compounds that are noncorrosive and will not release H2S, even across extreme variations of pH. Products for oil systems are completely soluble and yield soluble, environmentally friendly reaction byproducts.

Choose the application technique that fits your needs

Our liquid scavengers can be applied as a solution in bubble towers for treating gas, atomized into produced gas streams, or applied directly into mixed fluid flow streams. The most common technique is direct injection into a wet gas stream, frequently from separator gas outlets in the phase-separation train.

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