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PERFORM Tracer Dyes

Understand flow to optimize your applications

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Reliably detect leaks, optimize flow patterns, and improve squeeze programs

Tracers have been used for decades in the oil and gas industry for a number of reasons, including

  • proactively and reactively detecting leaks for monitoring near-wellbore and interwell connectivity to assist reservoir management and maximize recovery rates
  • minimizing water injection and water production rates by optimizing flow patterns
  • improving inhibitor squeeze programs.

Wide range of options

Available options include chemicals such as fluorescent dyes, inorganic ions, and aromatic acids.

Fluorescein is one of the most commonly used tracers in the hydrocarbon industry. It is stable in reservoirs as hot as 250 degC [482 degF] and can be detected in concentrations as low as approximately 10 parts per trillion via conventional spectrofluorometry.

Because this tracer fluoresces in the visible spectra, it can be detected using a simple, inexpensive, and easily operated fluorometer.

While the closely related compound rhodamine does not possess the same level of thermal stability, it is a viable option where temperature is not a key factor, such as surface or pipeline applications.

PERFORM Tracer Dyes
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