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Clean produced water safely and efficiently

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Remove oil and other insoluble matter

As a field matures, increasing volumes of produced water can limit hydrocarbon production, particularly when this water must meet purity specifications before it can be injected, reused, or disposed.

Water clarifiers remove oil and other insoluble matter. When recommending a water clarifier that will lower your costs and minimize facility disruption, we take into account a comprehensive range of factors, including location, environment, and the limitations of the equipment and facilities.

Select a customized solution for your application

We deploy nonionic, cationic, and anionic water clarifiers, ensuring that water meets discharge requirements and maximizing your recovery from produced fluids. The clarifiers can be supplied as low-solids solutions, concentrated emulsions, or high-activity dispersions.

Our clarifiers can be evaluated on site in any variation of separation equipment to provide the optimal treatment solution.

Handling characteristics and method of use must also be considered when designing the field application. For example, in arctic and cold weather conditions, water clarifiers must be winterized or applied in a climate-controlled environment to avoid separation or freeze and thaw issues.

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