• Schlumberger Announces Agreement to Acquire Cameron International

    The agreement enables the integration of reservoir and well technology with wellhead and surface technology to improve performance and increase reservoir recovery.

  • SIS Global Forum 2016

    The Forum promises an exciting mix of keynote speakers, with Paal Kibsgaard, Chairman and CEO of Schlumberger, opening the Forum. Join us in Paris, April 6–8, and experience the power of Everything Connected.

  • Techlog 2015

    Experience collaboration with the Studio E&P knowledge environment and the Ocean software development framework, plus new workflows in geomechanics, geology, rock physics, and more.

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  • Bring Laboratory-Quality Cuttings Characterization to the Rig Site

    The GeoFlex quantitative cuttings analysis and imaging service determines mineralogical and geochemical composition of drilled cuttings as well as total organic carbon in near-real time.