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Reda Agile ESP system navigates any well and optimizes lift

New-generation ESP: Get more from your reservoir with the Reda Agile compact wide-range ESP system

Agile ESP 3D render

The new-generation ESP: Get more from your reservoir

Because the Reda™ Agile™ compact wide-range ESP system is as short as 25 ft—which is about 75% shorter than conventional ESP systems—you can install it faster and farther into your well to get closer to the producing zones. That proximity substantially improves the drawdown potential for increasing recovery. And production optimization continues with easy adjustment of the motor speed across its wide operating range to match production changes—eliminating the usual frequent ESP changeout. This unmatched capability is particularly useful in mature wells with steep production decline and operations with fluid variation, such as enhanced oil recovery (EOR) programs.

Reda Agile Compact Wide-Range ESP System
The new-generation ESP: navigate any well to get more from your reservoir
  • Conventional onshore and offshore oil wells
  • Wells with production variation from reservoir pressure changes (e.g., mature fields and EOR projects)
  • Wells with high dogleg severity, restricted diameter, or other intervention constraints

A high-performance ESP means high-performing production

From installation through operation, the Agile ESP system delivers superior performance and results in comparison with conventional ESPs.

Safer installation: >50%* faster from fewer field connections and lighter ESP
Rigless deployment of compact system on wireline or coiled tubing
Reliable operation at up to 3 times higher speed than conventional ESPs
Improved drawdown potential through deep setting capability for optimized production performance
Minimized inventory requirements from component standardization

* In comparison with an equivalent conventional ESP system with the same diameter and lifting capacity.

  • Short 25-ft [7.6-m] length**
  • Wide operational range up to 10,000 rpm
  • Field-proven induction motor (IM) technology
  • Plug-and-play installation capability
  • Compatibility with most surface equipment and downhole cables

** For basic configuration of pump, intake, protector, motor, and downhole gauge or sensor.

3D render of the Reda Agile ESP system
With a length as short as 25 ft, the Agile compact wide-range ESP motor improves the efficiency of both installation and production performance.

How It Works

The Agile compact wide-range ESP system packs lift power into a small package to change what’s possible with deployment of a single ESP. At a length as short as 25 ft and thus lighter weight, the Agile ESP system improves setting-depth flexibility and reduces installation risks, especially for complex well trajectories. As little as a single buildup connection is required at the wellsite because all other connections are made up in our controlled factory environment.

Once installed, the ESP system’s robust design operates reliably at up to 3 times higher speeds than possible with conventional ESP strings. Whereas conventional ESPs can operate at up to 3,500 rpm (equivalent to 60 Hz for a two-pole IM), the compact Agile ESP system works reliably at speeds ranging from 6,000 rpm up to 10,000 rpm (equivalent to 100 Hz to 167 Hz for a two-pole IM) to deliver the same flow rate and required lift.

The Agile ESP system achieves outstanding performance through the field-proven IM technology of the Reda Maximus Eon™ extended-life, install-ready ESP motor. Complementing the rugged ESP motor is the reengineered protector architecture, which includes optimized compensation modules that filter sand, produce active cooling for the thrust bearing, and enhance radial support. The ESP system’s pumps similarly withstand sand and gas production with exceptionally high erosion- and corrosion-resistant alloys and customized tungsten carbide radial bearings.

Operators’ sustainability goals are supported by the Agile ESP system, which has lower embedded carbon as a result of SLB’s efficient in-house manufacturing process. Operational carbon emissions are reduced not only by the quick installation process but also by this ESP system’s long-term deployment enabled by its wide operating range for matching production instead of requiring the usual interventions to change out the ESP.