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We are a global technology company, driving energy innovation for a balanced planet.
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Accelerating decarbonization through innovation and science—on a global scale
We are creating and deploying the technology needed to enable net zero for our customers and the planet.
Together, we create amazing technology that unlocks access to energy for the benefit of all.
SLB Solutions
Solving industry’s most pressing challenges
Ensuring the sustainability, security, and equity of energy access means we must think big. We need global solutions that can be scaled and adopted quickly. SLB’s know-how and technology are helping to overcome industry's greatest challenges while transforming energy. See which solutions meet your needs.
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Thinking sustainably. Working with integrity. Delivering on our promise.
Learn more about our focus on people, nature and climate action, and how integrity is at the center of our operations.
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Rating from Morgan Stanley Capital International
Net Zero
By 2050, including Scope 3 emissions
32 Million USD
Social investment aligned with UN SDGs in 2021
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We’re diverse and insightful, pushing the boundaries on a global stage.

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