Alumni Service Center FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Access and communication

Where should I check for essential updates if I haven't received any emails from the Alumni Service Center after having an account?

Please check your spam folder and ensure that is whitelisted to ensure direct delivery to your inbox.

Which webpage should I use for getting in contact with HR?

Always use the official URL: to access the Alumni Service Center.

What should I do if I am residing in an US embargoed country?

Continue using MyAskHR.

Credentials and login

Where do I get notification of my credentials?

Check your email (the one you provided to HR when leaving the company or when you signed up), including the Spam section, for the message titled "Stay Connected with Our Alumni Portal!" In this email, you'll find your new User ID along with a hyperlink to facilitate the password reset process.

What credentials should I use for login and password reset?

Use your Alumni User ID for both login and password reset. Don't use your personal or slb email or previous MyAskHR credentials.

Technical support and inquiries

How can I access technical support for the Alumni Service Center?

For technical support, use the login option on the landing page. However, HR-related inquiries aren't supported here.

Document access and understanding the Alumni Service Center

How can I access attachments in the Alumni Service Center?

Log in to the Alumni Service Center, navigate to "My Requests," click on the case, and find the attachments tab. Additionally, watch the instructional video in the portal or visit to resolve any uncertainties.

What is the purpose of the Alumni Service Center, and what services does it offer?

The Alumni Service Center is a secured extension of our internal Enterprise Service Management (ESM). Once registered, you can submit queries through HR services tailored for former employees.

How is the Alumni Service Center account created for departing employees?

For automated account creation, provide your personal email address to your local HR, and the account will be created within a week of the separation process completion. You'll receive an email from one week after the last day of employment with your Alumni Service Center account login details and a password reset link.

How can I create an account if I did not provide my personal email?

For manual registration, refer to the “ASC - Registration Instructions” document. Click here to open.

Troubleshooting and support

How do I troubleshoot if I'm not receiving emails from the Alumni Service Center?

Check your spam or junk folder, ensure your registered email address is correct in your account settings, and contact alumni support at the portal if issues persist.

How do I manage my Alumni Service Center account details, privacy, and security?

Use a secure active email address linked to your Alumni Service Center account for all communications. SLB respects your privacy, and account details are not publicly accessible. Sharing account access is discouraged to prevent unauthorized actions.

How can I recover/reset/change my Alumni User ID and password?

Store your Alumni User ID securely. If you forget it, contact the alumni support team via the portal. For password recovery/resetting/changing, visit the Alumni Service Center login page, click the “Forgot Password?” link, and follow the instructions sent to your email.