2010 Opening of the Dar Schlumberger base.

Schlumberger’s North Kuwait Jurassic Gas KwIDF (Kuwait Integrated Digital Field) becomes operational; it is an excellent example of early value realization from digital oilfield concepts being applied to greenfields from inception.

To obtain more detailed information about the fractures in the carbonate reservoirs of Kuwait, KOC acquired a state-of-the-art 3D seismic survey pilot survey over 100 km2 of the Northwest Raudhatain field using WesternGeco Q-Land technology.

Schlumberger helps KOC characterize shallow complexity of a target formation in a near-surface zone.
2011 KOC successfully achieves its goal of reducing gas flaring to approximately 1%; compared with gas flaring levels of as high as 17% just a few years earlier, this represents a major accomplishment for KOC.

The Schlumberger Kuwait GeoMarket (KWT) is established as a separate entity in the Middle East Area (MEA).
2014 Schlumberger Kuwait has grown to more than 1,100 employees representing over 30 nationalities and supported by 15 different business segments.

KOC awards WesternGeco a 5-year contract for a 3D high-resolution, full-azimuth 4,200-km2 survey over the Greater Burgan and Khabrat Ali fields using several integrated geophysical technologies; the survey, which included both acquisition and data processing, was conducted using the UniQ integrated point-receiver land seismic system with over 200,000 channels, making this one of the world’s largest land seismic surveys in terms of channel count.

Opening of the Real-Time Drilling Decision Center (RTDDC) in Kuwait; the purpose of the RTDDC is to provide KOC drilling teams and remote engineers with high-technology facilities to monitor the drilling program in real time.

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