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SLB in Scandinavia

We’ve been operating in Scandinavia for over 50 years, offering exceptional service, amazing technology, and innovative solutions to our customers. From these beginnings, our presence has grown rapidly, and today, we can offer all SLB services locally from Norway and Denmark.

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    SLB in Scandinavia

    Global Reach. Local Service.

    Multiple locations in Norway and Denmark mean you can access any SLB solution with localized service.

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    About us:

    • In Norway, our activities include research and development, programming, manufacturing, maintenance, remote control from land, and operations offshore. SLB has offices, laboratories, and workshops in Stavanger, Oslo, Bergen, Kristiansand, Gjøvik, and Trondheim and supply bases along the coast. Some of our petrotechnical experts work at our customers' facilities to offer support and closely follow up throughout the process—from modeling and analysis through planning to execution. The SLB Norway Technology Center and INNOVATION FACTORI located in Oslo, Stavanger and Bergen develop domain-specific digital solutions primarily for Geoscience, Drilling and Flow Assurance.


    • In Denmark, we have workshops and offices in Esbjerg and a sales office in Copenhagen.


    Contact Information:

    SLB Scandinavia
    Risabergvegen 3, PO Box 8013, Tananger
    Stavanger, 4068 Stavanger, 4056
    Tel: + 47 51946000

    Scandinavia Case Studies & Resources

    Our people, technologies, and service deliver real value for operators in Norway and Denmark.

    • The photo showing CYCLOTECH WDCS-AB technology installed on the production platform.
      Automatic CYCLOTECH WDC Series separates fluid from cement

      CYCLOTECH WDC Series highly efficient with a remotely actuated, automated flushing system that flushes solids View

    • Flexible cement system achieves isolation objectives, Norway.
      Flexible Cement System Achieves Zonal Isolation Objectives, Norway

      CemFIT Flex system provides high bond quality. View

    • Image of a graph showing the difference between the volume of water pumped through the CT and the surface liquid return flow rate.
      Aker BP Norway Used Advanced Technology to Control Sand Cleanup

      Vx multiphase flowmeter technology helps quantify solids production and enhance efficiency in CT intervention. View

    • Diagrams showing the leak near the liner top and the Casing Reconnect system solution.
      North Sea Operator Prevents Sidetrack by Replacing Leaking Liner

      Casing Reconnect system creates a metal-to-metal seal without reducing the liner ID, saving days of rig time. View

    • Seismic image a graph showing close match between Optiq Seismic solution and VSI imager data.
      Fiber-Optic VSP Recorded in <30 min, Offshore Norway

      Time-depth and waveform data acquired while simultaneously running fiber-optic and formation testing tool. View

    • OpenPath Sequence service uses composite pills engineered to address specific challenges—including ultralow bottomhole temperatures.
      North Sea Operator Doubles Injection

      Efficient technology diverts acid stimulation fluid and then dissolves, even in an ultralow-temperature reservoir. View

    • Sampling in water-based mud from the fractured basement formation from top and bottom inlet, Ora platform.
      Lundin Norway Efficiently Samples Pure Oil in Low Permeability

      Ora platform speeds dual-packer setting and fluid cleanup to acquire clean samples in 90 min, NCS. View

    • A rendering of the multilateral junction in the subsurface and an ROV in the sea above.
      Vår Energi Saves Millions with Industry’s First Subsea Retrofit Multilateral Wells

      RapidX junctions deliver access to subsea reservoirs and individual control without additional infrastructure. View

    • Embracing an Alliance mindset to sustainably unlock offshore production potential
      Embracing an Alliance Mindset to Sustainably Unlock Offshore Production Potential

      The Intervention and Stimulation Alliance is carrying out projects on the Norwegian Continental Shelf that optimize efficiency, reduce waste, and create increased value in overall production. View

    • A rendering of the multilateral junction in the subsurface and an ROV in the sea above.
      Multilateral Retrofits in Subsea Wells Accelerate Time to First Oil

      First-ever subsea multilateral retrofit well completion helps one of the largest operators in the Norwegian Continental Shelf access new reserves, faster. View

    • Efficiency of coiled tubing well interventions increased by hybrid electro-optical technology
      Efficiency of Coiled Tubing Well Interventions Increased by Hybrid Electro-Optical Technology
      World Oil article

      Case studies show how continuous power delivery through coiled tubing can reduce intervention time and costs. View

    • Schlumberger Will Collaborate With Equinor for DELFI Environment Deployment, Fully Integrated With the OSDU Data Platform
      Schlumberger Will Collaborate With Equinor for DELFI Environment Deployment, Fully Integrated With the OSDU Data Platform

      Schlumberger and Equinor announced today a strategic project, in collaboration with Microsoft, to deploy the DELFI* cognitive E&P environment, with seamless integration to the OSDU Data Platform—the industry’s new data standard. View

    • Wintershall Norway Perforates Interval Using eFire-TCP Firing Head Enabled by Muzic Wireless Telemetry
      Wintershall Norway Perforates Interval Using Wireless Selective Electronic Firing Head

      Acoustic firing commands eliminate need for pressure pulse activation. View

    • Graph showing integrated well construction project delivered 25% below AFE.
      ERD Wells Delivered 85 Days Ahead of Schedule

      Integrated well construction boosts operational efficiency and exceeds previous daily drilling meterage by 225%. View

    • Operations chart showing wellhead pressure at zero and overpull on the downhole measurement tool.
      Aker BP Restores Production to Chalk-Plugged North Sea Well

      ACTive Power system transmits power and real-time data for cleanout and logging without wireline. View

    • Diagram of toolstring attached to a seven-conductor cable consisting of a logging head followed by telemetry cartridge and ultrasonic tool.
      Validating Ultrasonic Log Response Against Reference Barrier Cells Simulating Downhole Well Condition

      Creating reference barrier cells to simulate downhole oil well conditions, such as free and cemented pipe, sagged barite, gas environment, and more. View

    • Workflow diagram showing reduction in on-site crew
      Aker BP Improves Service and Data Quality

      Performance Live service enables more efficient well logging across 53 wells and reduces operational footprint, North Sea. View

    • Bar graph showing well performance vs drilling time
      Integrated Drilling System Saves Equinor USD 4.9 Million Per Well

      Suite of Schlumberger technologies increases meters drilled per day by 29%, saving 6.7 drilling days per well. View

    • Images showing flow through older scrubber vessel (left) and optimized flow through new scrubbers (right) using CONSEPT IVD diffusers.
      Equinor Manages 100% Rise in Troll Field Gas Production Using CONSEPT IVD Diffusers in Scrubber Vessels

      High-efficiency separator internals increase capacity with liquid carryover below 0.1 galUS/MMscf , North Sea. View

    • The proprietary 100% ceramic MCM design ensures reliable operation at high temperatures.
      Spirit Energy Optimizes Norwegian Sea Well Test Enabled by Muzic Aeon Wireless Telemetry

      Transmits real-time pressure and temperature data from multiple Signature quartz gauges to profile high-temperature well. View

    A commitment to openness and accountability, ensuring that information is available to the public and decision-making processes are transparent.

    Made in Norway

    Scandinavia has been the birthplace of many technologies that have become successful around the globe.

    • Image of static model tested.
      Subsea processing systems
      Boost production while streamlining costs for new field developments, tiebacks, or existing facilities

      Subsea processing increases production for new field developments, tiebacks, and existing facilities alike View

    • Petrel E&P Software Platform
      subsurface software

      Enable discipline experts to work together and make the best possible decisions—from exploration to production. View

    • Rig in ocean with sunset in the background
      Completion Well Construction Equipment
      Bridge the gap between drilling and completions

      Leverage expertise in liner hangers, multilaterals, remediations, tubulars, and cementing. View

    • Xpress ATC technology
      Automatic tank-cleaning technology

      Minimize HSE risks, waste generation, and emissions. View

    • Closeup of SHARC bit showing PDC cutting structure
      PDC bits
      Polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) drill bits

      Harness the workhorse of the drilling industry with bits that work harder and withstand more than PDC bits. View

    • X-11 modular offshore CT unit.
      Modular offshore CT unit

      Adapt to offshore structures, improve safety, and reduce footprint. View

    •  OLGA Dynamic Multiphase Flow Simulator
      Olga dynamic multiphase flow simulator
      The industry-standard tool for dynamic multiphase flow simulation

      The industry-standard tool for dynamic multiphase flow simulation. View

    • Wellbarrier
      Wellbarrier Well Integrity Life Cycle Solution

      Support decision making, safeguard well activities, and provide a structured framework to manage well integrity. View

    • GeoX
      Geox exploration risk, resource, and value assessment software
      Scalable decision support for risk, resource, and economic evaluation of exploration projects and portfolios

      Scalable decision support for risk, resource, and economic evaluation of exploration projects and portfolios. View

    • Drillbench
      Drillbench dynamic drilling simulation software
      Dynamic drilling simulations for pressure control, well control, blow out control, managed and underbalanced operations

      Dynamic drilling simulations for pressure control, well control, blow out control, managed and underbalanced operations View