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2000s: Building on Core Strengths

Timeline: 2000–2009

Schlumberger history building on core strengths

The first decade of the new century saw Schlumberger extend its commitment to its core energy industry tools and services. This was accompanied by the relocation of Schlumberger Limited US corporate headquarters from New York to Houston in 2006. Andrew Gould, Schlumberger chairman and chief executive since 2003, said the move would consolidate the company's presence in the community that was instrumental in its development.

The company has made further strides in understanding reservoirs and launched a host of new technologies and products. Integration of its tools has been crucial to the improvement of Schlumberger services. Imaging tools, production logging tools and Scanner 3D tools were integrated with other Schlumberger technologies to achieve superior reservoir characterization from initial acquisition through to reservoir simulation.

The launch of the ABC Analysis Behind Casing suite of services in 2002 provided a valuable new aid in the evaluation of cased wells where openhole logging is too risky, or in old wells where reevaluation can reveal bypassed pay zones. The suite includes technologies to measure porosity, resistivity, lithology, shale content, fluid saturations, and pressure, as well as enabling the recovery of fluid samples.

The commercialization of the Scanner family of downhole rock and fluid characterization services in 2005 provided engineers with access to new-generation nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) tools, as well as sonic, resistivity, pulse-echo impedance, and three phase production logging measurements, reducing uncertainty in reservoir and fluid characterization.

Quicksilver Probe wireline sampling technology, introduced in 2006, provided a way to deliver fluid samples quickly with little or no contamination. This was complemented in 2007 by the arrival of the InSitu Density sensor, the first of the InSitu family of fluid properties measurement tools.

Schlumberger also reinforced its seismic offering. Geco-Prakla was combined with Western Geophysical in 2000 to create WesternGeco, 70%-owned by Schlumberger and 30% by Baker Hughes. Six years later Schlumberger bought Baker Hughes' stake to take full ownership.

A series of acquisitions in the seismic sector over the rest of the decade has built on this platform. Petrel Workflow Tools was acquired in 2002, bringing with it Petrel seismic interpretation software, which increases reservoir performance by helping geophysicists, geologists, and reservoir engineers to develop collaborative workflows and integrate operations to streamline processes.

WesternGeco began its Q-Marine surveys in 2000. WesternGeco and Statoil created the industry's first long-term reservoir monitoring program in 2004. Late in the same year, Petrobras awarded WesternGeco what was then the world's largest-ever 4D seismic project, shooting over the Marlin field offshore Brazil.

Additions were made to the company's global "teleport" network of satellite communications bases with the opening of new facilities in Brazil and Singapore and a second teleport in Aberdeen, Scotland. Schlumberger now has 12 teleports around the world, supporting its full range of VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) communications services.

The Schlumberger-Doll Research Center was relocated from Ridgefield, Connecticut, to Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2007, to take advantage of greater proximity to academic and other institutions working at the forefront of science and technology in that technological hub.

Year Event
2000 Combines Geco-Prakla with Western Geophysical to create WesternGeco (70% Schlumberger, 30% Baker Hughes)

Launches IndigoPool.com acquisition and development (A&D) services company

Acquires Aberdeen-based Data Marine Services, an oilfield communications firm

Opens Schlumberger Reservoir Completions Technology Center in Rosharon, Texas

Begins conducting Q-Marine surveys
2001 Acquires Sema plc, a UK-based IT consultancy

Acquires Phoenix, a Scottish-based submersible pump technologies company

Acquires Sensa fiber optic temperature sensing solutions based in Southampton, England

Deploys Macae remote connectivity teleport in Brazil

Forms Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS) to support real-time reservoir management and E&P business optimization processes

Introduces FlexSTONE flexible cementing system
2002 Deploys Singapore remote connectivity teleport

Introduces proVISION real-time reservoir steering tool for LWD; OrientXact perforating system; SlimXtreme slimhole high-pressure, high-temperature wireline logging platform

Acquires Inside Reality 3D virtual reality system

Acquires DBR Group of Canada, provider of phase behavior and fluid property technology

Acquires Canadian-based A. Comeau and Associates Limited to enhance capabilities in artificially lifted wells

Launches ABC Analysis Behind Casing services to support formation evaluation in cased wells
2003 Andrew Gould named chairman and chief executive officer of Schlumberger Limited

Completes acquisition of Petrel Workflow Tools, provider of collaborative software for the seismic sector

Begins conducting Q-Land surveys

Launches PowerDrive Xceed fully rotational steerable system; MaxTRAC production services tractor; seismicVISION LWD system; LiteCRETE lightweight, high-performance cementing system; PVT Express pressure-volume-temperature mobile laboratory; DecisionXpress petrophysical evaluation system; and Vx Technology for monitoring oil, gas, and water mix during production

Deploys Aberdeen satellite manufacturing facility and second teleport

Acquires Norwegian-based VoxelVision, high-end PC-based visualization and seismic technology company
2004 Completes divestiture of SchlumbergerSema to Atos Origin

Launches the PowerDrive X5 rotary steerable system with integrated measurements, sonicVISION sonic-while-drilling tool, and PowerDrive vorteX rotary steerable system

Acquires Decision Team (oil and gas software and consulting services firm) and AOA Geomarine Operations (AGO), a pioneer in CSEM (controlled-source electromagnetic) and MMT (marine magnetotelluric) technologies

Opens Russia Technology Hub within campus of Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas

Opens second phase of expansion of the Schlumberger Reservoir Completions Center in Rosharon, Texas

Establishes industry's first long-term reservoir monitoring program, between Statoil and WesternGeco

Awarded world's largest-ever 4D seismic project, shooting over the Marlin field offshore Brazil for Petrobras

Acquires stake in PetroAlliance Services Company Limited, a Russian oilfield services company

Acquires SGK (Siberian Geophysical Company)
2005 Launches Scope family of while-drilling technology services: StethoScope formation pressure, TeleScope high-speed telemetry, PeriScope deep directional resistivity, and EcoScope multifunction formation evaluation; each represents a step-change in LWD and MWD technology

Introduces FiberFRAC technology to improve production rates in tight-gas reservoirs through better proppant distribution and fracture geometry

Commissions the 27th Operation Support Center (worldwide facilities that enable real-time monitoring, modeling, and remote control of operations)

Opens Global Reservoir Fluids Center in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Commercializes Scanner downhole rock and fluid characterization services: Rt Scanner multiarray triaxial induction, Sonic Scanner acoustic, and MR Scanner new-generation NMR tools
2006 Introduces the Quicksilver Probe wireline sampling technology, delivering formation fluid samples quickly with little or no contamination

Acquires the 30% minority interest in WesternGeco held by Baker Hughes

WesternGeco acquires first multiclient wide-azimuth, towed-streamer seismic survey in the Gulf of Mexico; completes E-Dog depth migration project also in GoM

Acquires Odegaard A/S, a Danish provider of surface seismic data inversion software, and integrates it into WesternGeco

Relocates Schlumberger Limited US corporate office from New York to Houston

Opens Schlumberger Dhahran Center for Carbonate Research in Saudi Arabia

Acquires Terratek, a Salt Lake City-based provider of geomechanics measurements and analysis

Acquires Reslink of Norway, an advanced completion solutions company
2007 Introduces InSitu Density sensor, the first of the new InSitu Family of reservoir fluid measurements

Completes acquisition of Geosystem, a Milan-based land and marine electromagnetics and seismic imaging firm and integrates it into WesternGeco Electromagnetics

Acquires Tyumenpromgeofizika, a West Siberian-based geophysical and wireline logging company

Launches Contact family of multistage fracturing and completion services, which have integrated stimulation technologies

Acquires Insensys fiber optic stress measurement systems for the subsea integrity surveillance market

Acquires V.I.P.S., a UK-based leading reservoir geomechanics software and consulting company

Acquires InnerLogix, a market leader in data quality management for E&P

Takes majority stake in Norwegian-based Framo Engineering

Acquires Norwegian seismic group Eastern Echo

Relocates Schlumberger-Doll Research Center from Ridgefield to Cambridge, Massachusetts

Inaugurates Schlumberger Middle East and Asia Learning Center in Abu Dhabi, UAE
2008 Acquires Staag Imaging, a Houston-based provider of depth imaging technologies for seismic data processing

Acquires Extreme Engineering Limited, a Calgary-based supplier of unmanned measurement-while-drilling (MWD) systems

Acquired IES, Integrated Exploration Systems, a supplier of petroleum systems modeling software and services based in Aachen, Germany
2009 Acquires Techsia, a supplier of petrophysical software based in Montpellier, France

Forms IntelliServ joint venture with National Oilwell Varco