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Schlumberger Production Management

Develop and comanage your assets

Schlumberger Production Management (SPM) was created in 2011 to help develop and comanage customer assets under long-term commercial agreements. Today, SPM projects are located in Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, USA, Romania, Malaysia, and China; SPM manages production of more than 250,000 bbl/d of oil equivalent.

The origins of SPM and its foundation projects are from Schlumberger Integrated Project Management (IPM). Since 1995, IPM has provided services to customers around the world, including production management services. Worldwide, close to 10,000 wells have been successfully brought to production—a performance backed by 2,000 dedicated oilfield specialists, including 850 engineers and 675 geoscientists ready to give customers direct access to world-class field-development technologies. The recent growth and changes in production management demands made clear the need to form SPM, both as owner of former IPM production management projects as well as to meet new customer needs.

SPM helps you to develop or redevelop your fields, increasing production, improving cash flow, and extending recovery. Whatever the project entails—from full field management to the development of unconventional assets—SPM has the systems and the expertise to provide fit-for-purpose solutions.

Three Schlumberger workers guiding a K-Master section mill.
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