Nozzle check valves

Valves and pipe in facility

The history of ENTECH nozzle check valves began long before the now-familiar name came into existence. The brand actually originated in Mönchengladbach, a city in western Germany, when brothers Michael and Peter Meer started Meer Brothers Engineering Works & Iron Foundry Co.1 on December 10, 1872, as producers of steam engines for the textile industry in the Lower Rhine area.

Since then, the 140-year history has been incorporated into Cameron’s legacy, producing a more advanced, technologically sound version of the earlier nonslam, nozzle check valve.

Cameron employee in front of a valve.
  • ENTECH DRV-BN Nozzle Check Valve
    Nozzle check valve

    Large-bore design for compressor and pumping stations. View

  • ENTECH DRV-Z Nozzle Check Valve
    Nozzle check valve

    Small-bore valve designed for use in piping systems. View