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Gas lift valves

Stabilize tubing pressure with a field-proven design

NOVA gas lift valves stabilize tubing pressure from unstable producing wells. The valves feature a computer-generated flow profile that enables maximum gas passage with minimal differential across the valve. The NOVA valve flow regime virtually eliminates any effect of tubing pressure on the gas injection rate and stabilizes the gas injection pressure. Stable injection rates can result in more stable tubing pressure, increased production, and reduced operating expenses.

Eliminate tubing pressure effects

The NOVA valve series replaces conventional orifice valves in operations with inherently unstable injection rates cause by the effect of tubing pressure. Even slight variations in the tubing flow regime can lead to wide fluctuations in tubing pressure and result in unsteady injection rates, instability, and slugging.

Conventional flat-faced orifice valves require an approximately 40% pressure drop to achieve critical flow; in most cases, operating with such excessive pressure loss is not practical. NOVA valves achieve critical flow with a pressure drop of 10% or less. Within the critical flow regime, the injection rate is constant because the tubing pressure does not affect the injection volume.

NOVA gas lift valves
NOVA gas lift valves can achieve critical flow with as little as 10% pressure drop while conventional valves require a significantly higher pressure drop to achieve critical flow.
Qualification to barrier standards, API Spec 19G2 V1, and ISO 17078-2 V1
Max. operating pressure of 10,000 psi [68.9 MPa]
OD options of 1 or 1.5 in
Max. temperature rating of 350 degF [177 degC]

Meet the challenges of demanding environments

As part of the Barrier Series gas lift valves—valves especially suited for high-pressure, deepwater, and subsea installations—the NOVA 10-B single-point-injection and NOVA 15-B venturi orifice gas lift valves are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and corrosion-resistant materials to meet the challenges of demanding environments and accommodate a variety of critical operating conditions and pressure ranges. 

The NOVA 10-B has a 1-in OD, and the NOVA 15-B has a 1.5-in OD. Both gas lift valves are suited for high-reliability, continuous-flow gas lift production and provide dependable operation in extreme environments.

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