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HEAL System

Horizontal enhanced artificial lift system

Mitigate slug flow and improve production

Multiphase slug flow is a common challenge in horizontal wells, impairing your well productivity, complicating your artificial lift strategy, and damaging your production equipment. Condition the produced fluid stream and mitigate slug flow with the HEAL System horizontal enhanced artificial lift system—extending natural flow and increasing productivity over the life of your well.

Developed by HEAL Systems, a joint venture between Schlumberger and Production Plus Energy Services, the HEAL System has been deployed in more than 250 horizontal wells across North America.

HEAL Horizontal Enhanced Artificial Lift System
Increase production in horizontal wells
The HEAL System is easy to integrate into your completion at any stage of the well. Once in place, it delivers a clean, consistent liquids stream that maximizes production efficiency, reduces operating costs, and maximizes drawdown. Operators have reported productivity increases of 30 to 100%.
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Horizontal enhanced artificial lift system
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