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WRFC-H Wireline-Retrievable Interval Control Valve (ICV)

Flow control valve for gas lift applications in producers and injectors

Rated up to 7,500 psi [51.7 MPa]
Rated to 200 degF [93 degC]

Convert gas production into gas lift

Designed for gas lift applications with intelligent completions, the WRFC-H wireline-retrievable interval control valve enables you to artificially lift an oil-producing zone by controlling gas from a gas-bearing formation or gas cap, eliminating the need for conventional gas lift injection.

The control valve can be configured to control flow rates of up to 10,000 bbl/d of solids-free liquid or 30 MMcf/d of dry gas.

Minimize well interventions with flow control

Surface actuation is through hydraulic pressure applied to a control line that connects the surface operating system to the valve, while the closing force is provided by a built-in mechanical spring. Costly well interventions are thus minimized. This flow control valve can be installed or retrieved by standard slickline or coiled tubing, facilitating cost-effective repair and replacement of parts exposed to turbulent flow.

Tailor flow rates for individual zones

The variable-window WRFC-H valve can be configured with up to six positions, including a median setting selected to meet the anticipated requirements for a specific reservoir. From the median setting, adjustments can be made to increase or decrease flow from or injection into a zone.

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