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WRFC-H Wireline-Retrievable Interval Control Valve (ICV)

Flow control valve for gas lift applications

Rated up to 7,500 psi [51.7 MPa]
Rated up to 250 degF [121 degC]

Optimize gas lift without costly well intervention

The WRFC-H wireline-retrievable flow control valve provides zonal production control in gas lift applications. A proven surface-controlled hydraulic system is used to adjust the valve orifice so that lift-gas flow is optimized without necessitating expensive well intervention.

The valve is housed in the eccentric pocket of a Schlumberger side pocket mandrel located adjacent to the tubing bore. It can be installed and retrieved by standard slickline, wireline, or coiled tubing, facilitating cost-effective repair or replacement.

Customize valve opening to suit the application

The actuation module adjusts the WRFC-H variable-window control valve, which can be configured with up to six positions, including fully open and fully closed. Fluid flow is controlled in 20% increments. Adjusting the flow rate of injected gas provides control of zonal production. The valve has a customizable maximum flow area and controls up to 10,000 bbl/d [1,590 m3/d] of solids-free liquid or 30 MMcf/d [849,505 m3/d] of dry gas. Reverse-flow check valves prevent crossflow between reservoirs and unwanted annular flow to the surface.

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