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V3 liner top packer with hold-down slips

Rated up to 10,000 psi [69 MPa]
Rated to 325 degF [163 degC]
Validated to ISO 14310 and API Spec 11D1 V3

Optimize your COLOSSUS CMT system completion

Designed specifically for your COLOSSUS CMT cemented liner hanger system, the LTP V3 liner top packer features hold-down slips that prevent upward movement of the liner, resulting in more secure liner installation. Its large fluid bypass area aids hole cleaning, reduces circulation time, and decreases trip time.

The integral setting adapter and mandrel design permit the transmission of high torque from the running string to the liner. This feature is used to drill down the liner while it is being run into the well. When a rotational liner is deployed, the liner can be rotated after the liner hanger is set, which improves cement integrity. During running and cementing operations, a cementing packoff maintains a seal between the workstring and the liner.

ltp v3 packer cutaway
ltp v3 packer cutaway
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