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WellWatcher Hyperion

Portable DTS acquisition system

Acquire distributed temperature sensing data from deployed optical fiber

The WellWatcher Hyperion portable DTS acquisition system uses Raman spectroscopy along optical fibers in your well to measure the temperature at each fiber location. The fiber can be deployed in a loop for double-ended measurement, or the WellWatcher Hyperion system can be used in single-ended mode on two separate fibers.

Fiber-optic temperature sensing technology enables many hundreds, or even thousands, of points to be monitored using fiber as the sensing medium. Signals are immune to electromagnetic interference, thereby ensuring integrity of readings from electrically noisy areas. As no electric current is used in the sensing fiber and the fiber is a relatively inert and dielectric (nonconducting) medium, it is a suitable technology to use in hazardous environments. The flexible nature of fiber ensures ease of installation even in environments where there is poor access.

WellWatcher Hyperion portable DTS acquisition system
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