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WellWatcher Ultra

DTS acquisition system

Improve well production or injection by monitoring fiber-optic temperature profiles

The WellWatcher Ultra DTS acquisition system enables local and remote acquisition of data from distributed temperature sensing (DTS) fibers, including

In harsh environments, an accurate single-ended (ASE) version of the WellWatcher Ultra system corrects for losses in accuracy that result when high pressures or temperatures cause optical fiber to deteriorate. In wells where the fiber has degraded, this ASE unit obtains accurate temperature profiles without the need to replace the fiber.

WellWatcher Ultra ASE accurate single-ended DTS acquisition system
In a heavy oil steam injector, the fiber is connected to the acquisition unit at both ends (for a double-ended configuration) to provide a completely compensated correction for any losses in the fiber. This arrangement helps ensure the maximum life for the monitoring system in this aggressive working environment.
Enhance Your Unconventional Field Strategy with Fiber Optics
When you deploy optical fiber in several wells as part of your unconventional field development program, you’re investing in long-term knowledge about your wells and reservoir.
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