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WellWatcher Ultra ASE

Accurate single-ended DTS acquisition system

Improve distributed temperature sensing (DTS) accuracy in long and hot wells

In harsh environments, such as thermal recovery and high-pressure, high-temperature applications, measuring from only one end of a fiber can lead to a deterioration in accuracy when the fiber begins showing signs of hydrogen degradation.

The extremely versatile WellWatcher Ultra ASE accurate single-ended DTS acquisition system dynamically corrects for such fiber loss along the entire length of the sensing multimode fiber. This system provides an accurate single-ended fiber-loss-corrected temperature profile for reservoir monitoring. It measures up to 3.73 mi [6 km] of fiber at a meter’s resolution, updates data in just a few seconds, and interrogates numerous fibers from one surface system. As a result, the WellWatcher Ultra ASE system lasts longer and allows simplified completion designs compared with standard DTS systems.

WellWatcher Ultra ASE accurate single-ended DTS acquisition system
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