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WellWatcher TruOptic

High-temperature fiber-optic pressure gauge

Rated to 20,000 psi [137 MPa]
Rated to 482 degF [250 degC]

Acquire accurate pressure data even in ultrahigh-temperature applications

Designed for extremely harsh downhole conditions such as HPHT wells and heavy oil thermal recovery applications, the WellWatcher TruOptic high-temperature fiber-optic pressure gauge delivers accurate pressure data you can trust. Unlike conventional optical strain gauges based on Bragg gratings, the WellWatcher TruOptic gauge takes direct measurements, which minimizes the risk of hysteresis and drift.

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Deploy with other gauges or sensor systems

Rigorously tested, the WellWatcher TruOptic high-temperature fiber-optic pressure gauge provides quartz-gauge accuracy for ultrahigh-temperature applications. Data is available in real time and can be imported into Schlumberger software or customized for other applications.

The result is rapid, reliable data you can use to rapidly identify and solve production problems.

Maximize stability at high temperatures

Testing has found the drift of this gauge to be less than 1.5 psi [10.34 kPa] per year, or less than 3 ft [1 m] per year when measuring a brine fluid column.

In addition to HPHT applications, the sensor is ideal for wells where electromagnetic fields may compromise the accuracy of conventional electric gauges. The sensor can also be used in a hybrid deployment with electrical gauges or distributed temperature measurements.

WellWatcher TruOptic Gauge
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