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Schlumberger Announces New Artificial Lift Management Service

Published: 03/30/2017

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HOUSTON, March 30, 2017—Schlumberger announced today the introduction of the Lift IQ* production life cycle management service, which offers monitoring, diagnostics and optimization of artificial lift systems in real time. This new service securely collects, transmits, evaluates and interprets data from customer wells to improve production efficiency, extend equipment run life and reduce operating costs.

The Lift IQ service comprises four service tiers to ensure the best fit for a customer’s unique requirements including visualization, real-time surveillance and diagnostics, well optimization and field optimization.

“As operators focus on ways to reduce their costs, one consideration is whether they are getting the full value of their artificial lift equipment,” said David Paterson, president, Artificial Lift Solutions, Schlumberger. “With the Lift IQ service, we can use real-time data to improve equipment run life and uptime as well as to adjust drawdown for maximum field recovery for the productive life of the well.”

From Artificial Lift Surveillance Centers (ALSC) around the world, experienced service engineers monitor equipment alarms and events using Schlumberger best practices and systematic workflows to identify probable causes and quickly report remedial actions for rapid implementation. Data are gathered through satellite or cellular connections with three convenient storage options of on-premise, in-country or global. In conjunction, engineers at the 24/7 ALSC provide in-depth analysis to proactively manage commissioning and restarts as well as avoid shutdowns typically caused by high gas and low flow conditions.

Production optimization is not only for high value offshore wells, it is increasingly important to achieve financial and operational targets in large unconventional fields. The Lift IQ service provides access to all critical well site data in one cohesive platform for optimum run life.

In the Permian Basin, high gas-to-oil ratio caused a customer’s electrical submersible pumps (ESP) to shut down frequently, which required time-consuming wellsite visits to restore production. After the customer began to use the Lift IQ service, active surveillance reduced ESP downtime an average of 43%, and remote control of the pumps also reduced the number of site visits and the related HSE risks.

A field in Ecuador suffered frequent power interruptions, which halted production until the artificial lift equipment could be restarted manually, with visits to each well. One customer used the Lift IQ service to reduce the restart time for the equipment in 42 wells from 16.8 hours to 2.8 hours, just 4 minutes per well. Rapidly restarting the wells after unexpected power interruptions reduced deferred production by 72%, representing savings of USD 190,000. Engineers at the ALSC also monitored the wells as they stabilized to ensure optimal performance.

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Lift IQ Production Life Cycle Management Service
Optimizing artificial lift operations improves well and field recovery in addition to extending equipment run life and uptime.
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