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TruLink definitive dynamic survey-while-drilling service helps operators to enhance end-to-end well construction operations and reduce overall drilling costs.
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Schlumberger Launches Definitive Dynamic Survey-While-Drilling Service

TruLink service provides high-definition wellbore architecture surveys to enhance end-to-end well construction operations

HOUSTON, October 28, 2020—Schlumberger today introduced the TruLink* definitive dynamic survey-while-drilling service. The new service helps operators to enhance end-to-end well construction operations and reduce overall drilling costs by performing definitive dynamic surveys while drilling on bottom that are used to identify and mitigate potential drilling risks.

“TruLink service advances well construction operations and improves overall drilling performance through its unique, industry-first ability to perform measurement-while-drilling surveys on bottom without stopping drilling operations,” said Jesus Lamas, president, Well Construction, Schlumberger. “In addition, the new service delivers borehole data in real time, through every point of the well, which enables operators to react to potential drilling risks before encountered, thus improving overall drilling efficiency.”

The new dynamic survey-while-drilling service eliminates the need to stop drilling when taking a survey to map wellbore paths. This dynamic survey capability provides real-time trajectory control, which improves the accuracy of wellbore placement, reduces dogleg severity and creates smoother curves and laterals in the most complex well profiles. TruLink service incorporates new telemetry innovations that refine survey accuracy using continuous six-axis directional and inclination sensors in combination with gamma ray. Conventional definitive survey technology takes nine to twelve minutes per stand, whereas this definitive dynamic survey innovation reduces all survey-related rig time to zero.

TruLink service has more than 70 deployments in the Middle East, North Sea, and South America. In the Middle East, for example, TruLink service enabled the operator to land an 8 ½-in curve section with directional control and near-pinpoint accuracy, comparable to static measurement while drilling. In another example, definitive dynamic surveys run in the vertical, curve, and lateral sections saved an operator an average of 41 pumping hours while acquiring 1,041 surveys.

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